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Just Can’t Be Satisfied

Old Junk- 2006-08

Works from around the time of Ignition (2008)

RED, WHT, & Motor OIL- 2005-06

Executions, observations, and explorations in preparation for the animation, Ignition (2008)

The Killing Floor- Mar. 2019

A Blues Show

Can’t see the future in the lies of yesterday

  Driving the ambulance, song in my head, 2010 oil.

dos rosas

Two Roses 2006-2017, oil on canvas. Through the years were various layers and various titles ultimately landing with a Guston pink and flat horizon.

oil rag

Identity, conflict/division in minimal strokes.

Tears of a Clown

Sad Clown 2017. Oil on canvas, part one of a series.


2015 Oil on canvas. Cut pieces from Gravel Degreaser, more scraps to come.

Howl Pine Ridge

2011 Oil on 80’s car hood. Saw this coyote in Pine Ridge, SD on a road trip to see the west for the first time. I took it as a sign and the first of a spiritual connection on that 6 week ride.