All Too Soon

The Corner Pub Coming Down

Here’s to my dad’s old bar

The Line- 2008

A book made from lithographs and and drawings in the ink well. Images taken from Ignition (2008)  

Old Junk- 2006-08

Works from around the time of Ignition (2008)

RED, WHT, & Motor OIL- 2005-06

Executions, observations, and explorations in preparation for the animation, Ignition (2008)

This Place Called Home- 2011

From Milwaukee to The River, a portion of a collection made in 2011

Exiles In Pigsville – Aug. 2011

A Metal Show

The Killing Floor- Mar. 2019

A Blues Show

The Killing Floor, ACME

Story behind The Killing Floor…

Malt Liquor Blues 2010

    Throw back to the Fortress of Solitude. This woodblock was originally printed in gray, no other images still exist in that form.  Later on, Greg Man River Martens printed the block… Continue reading