At 28

At 20


This one took me almost decade to do even though I only got started in 2012. To look at my old man and say its alright, had to smile.

A Lion In Winter

Amongst the patients and idle cars, box zenith t.v.’s smashed along the curb, a dog trots and the flags wave in the winter winds 11/2012

Walking Gasoline


Monster Within

pink sky 6/9/11

Leave the fire Behind

Rooftop 35th street, 6/19/13  

not my former, Steve in Gold Glitter 10/19/11

A Night on the Couch (Saturday)

T.V. land of my youth has a way of filling the void. Here was to another Saturday Night, sintigo 6/6/11

Nicotine Bliss Animated commercial by ACME for the Jackpot Gallery show NICOTINE BLISS in Milwaukee, WI