This one took me almost decade to do even though I only got started in 2012. To look at my old man and say its alright, had to smile.

A Lion In Winter

Amongst the patients and idle cars, box zenith t.v.’s smashed along the curb, a dog trots and the flags wave in the winter winds 11/2012

Walking Gasoline


Monster Within

pink sky 6/9/11

Leave the fire Behind

Rooftop 35th street, 6/19/13  

not my former, Steve in Gold Glitter 10/19/11

A Night on the Couch (Saturday)

T.V. land of my youth has a way of filling the void. Here was to another Saturday Night, sintigo 6/6/11

Nicotine Bliss Animated commercial by ACME for the Jackpot Gallery show NICOTINE BLISS in Milwaukee, WI  

Sam and the 4th of July, 2012

To my friend Sam, after a weekend of beer, baseball, fireworks and camping, we survived another day to live the American Dream. Left along the wooded roadside was that cemetery cold night in… Continue reading

the Gravel Lot 02/2013 (full comic)