Crash happy

This is the first of a series for CRASH studios annual honoring of the pup that gave it its name.

Ode to the Working Man (final edition)

This focuses on the working man, a mechanic in particular that define blue collar

Ode to the Working Man

a woodblock print series dedicated to all those Sinclair & Valentine, RP Motors, etc. type workers

Doe xx

This is a series about domesticity, nature, and family hx          

Lot Dog

This is in honor of my good dog Crash who frequented the car lot of RP Motors on a regular to visit Uncle Bob and Dick as they toiled away with their used… Continue reading

Milwaukee Streets

Sketches in watercolor of the Milwaukee fire area painted by the protagonist of Run The Streets, Tony Bar Rail

Sick is the Dog

  A collection of poems “written” by the protagonist of Run The Streets.

Crash in the light

  On the night of the 19th, my good dog walked on out leaving behind his spirit and ashes, burn on bright

Winter Sun

  In early 2016 these were sent out to my friends for collaboration. Two thus far have returned.

Road Machine (’97 Toyota Camry)

Vehicle of necessity and choice, 2008-2013. Bert’s ride 2005-2008