Dinner at Granma’s

Woodblock for Granma’s 90th

Lit up cigarette, flowered dress

Driving home on Cedar Crest Blvd., a woman stood in the middle of the road lighting her cigarette in a flowered dress. Six seconds but here’s her entry into an animation.

Run The Streets (cover)

The beginning of the comic book series Run The Streets ©️

dos rosas

Two Roses 2006-2017, oil on canvas. Through the years were various layers and various titles ultimately landing with a Guston pink and flat horizon.

oil rag

Identity, conflict/division in minimal strokes.

Tears of a Clown

Sad Clown 2017. Oil on canvas, part one of a series.


2015 Oil on canvas. Cut pieces from Gravel Degreaser, more scraps to come.

Lot (winter)

2011 Pencil on paper, and oil on back of tv masonite. View from the roof of the car lot on 35th

Howl Pine Ridge

2011 Oil on 80’s car hood. Saw this coyote in Pine Ridge, SD on a road trip to see the west for the first time. I took it as a sign and the first of a spiritual connection on that 6 week ride.


2011 Oil on plastic. L- Man and doe on motel bed, R- Old man in nursing home.